Sunday, January 16, 2011

Happy anniversary enchanted forest!

Hello everyone!

Well today we celebrated the 3rd anniversary of the Máiréad Nesbitt fan forum. We also celebrated new directions and the start of an amazing new year for her and for us. We just concluded a 10 hour chat! Amazing. We had 22 total participants with as many as 16 at once several times. As usual the chat was all over the map just as it would be in the kitchen. It truly is a family.

Máiréad will be out on spring tour in just a couple weeks. We hope each of you will take the time to go support her along the way. The forum has been great at that this past three years and done so all over the planet! She is an amazing artist and wonderful person and deserves that ongoing support. She sure lights up when she sees a fiddler crossing sign in the audience!

We enter year four with some new leadership. Mike is now joined by Destiny as a dynamic duo (kind of like Máiréad and Ray!) to take us into the future. But we also don't forget the past and the forum origins. Not only do we thank Máiréad for her kind and gracious support but we also thank forum owner Scott Meenen and creator Dave Bussells. It was their vision that brought the forum about and has kept it going. Also there has been Elaina Axelrod who did much of the forum graphics early on and was incredibly active in the initial growth and success of the place. Scott Manke was forum admin from early on but now is emeritus and has a limited internal role.

There is now a forum Facebook page, forum Twitter account, and tomorrow the new Bow Echoes fan newsletter will be out! This is a quarterly online magazine done in cooperation with Rick Shear's Pixieland fan site. That site is packed with great photos and tons of details about Máiréad's incredible career. You can subscribe to the newsletter by going to his site and following the links.

All of this is about Máiréad. It is what she inspires. She also has inspired charity in others and our annual Oxfam charity drive is in full swing. The forum is a fun community and if you are not yet a member please join us. If you are a member and like it please tell others about it and about Máiréad. We thank each and every one of the over 400 members of the forum for being part of such a special place, and we thank Máiréad for her initial indulgence and her ongoing trust and support. You are one of a kind in so many ways, Máiréad, and you've no idea how much you are loved and how many lives you have touched so deeply.

Be looking in the forum for reviews and news and ticket availability during the year. We know of the spring U.S. tour and the German tour but there will likely be a lot more to excite Máiréad fans. Stay tuned! See you at a show or in the enchanted forest! Have a great tour everyone and you too, Máiréad!

Máiréad Nesbitt fan forum leadership team