Friday, April 15, 2011

For the record

Hello everyone!

Máiréad's birthday is in just a few days and all of us on the leadership team hope you'll post a birthday wish for her in the messages section of the forum. We're sure you'll agree that Máiréad just becomes more amazing every year. Please also support her on her blog and on Twitter along with attending shows.

Something we need to clear up as well. The leadership of the forum has the ability to guide and direct the conversations within the forum. We also can edit or delete posts that violate the forum decorum. The forum is there for one purpose only and that is to support and promote Máiréad. Some comments have been received that it has become too much of a social networking site and lost the focus on the artist. The leadership team is working hard to regain the focus and spending time shifting things around.

There are outside sites on line that comment about Celtic Woman and the artists within it. The Máiréad fan forum does not endorse such sites nor does it operate in conjunction with them. The exception to that is Rick's Pixieland site. We have both a Facebook and Twitter site for the forum. What is said on individual member blogs is not a statement by the forum or its leadership. Only this blog speaks for the forum and its members. What members say away from the forum is not within our jurisdiction to police though at times the forum gets mentioned within those blogs. In a free society people have the right to their opinions. Within the forum itself those are tempered to a degree without being overbearing.

Máiréad has been supportive of the forum in the past because it has been a positive place and one focused on her. If at times that has strayed then it is something we in the leadership team are tasked with correcting. We thank Máiréad for her past support, and look forward to spreading the word about her for a long time to come. The charity drive for Oxfam in her name continues and the total so far is very impressive. That is just one of the positive ways the Máiréad fan forum family can help make a difference. Please join us in that annual charity drive. Some great things are lined up with all that as well.

Our thanks to all the members who have made the forum such a special place. We're working on making it even better.

Máiréad Nesbitt Fan Forum leadership team