Sunday, March 1, 2009

Hello Everyone,

Welcome to the Blog for the Mairead Nesbitt forum! We will be posting show reviews, tour updates, and a diary of our many trips this spring. Enjoy! Please join us at



  1. 3-1-09.
    Wow! I am drooling! I can't wait to see them in concert. Sounds absolutely wonderful. One thing is for sure. I believe that anything David Downes works on, turns out absolutely brilliant. I'll let his previous track record speak for itself. Dave, I thank you for this write up, and I hope to add a few more comments about it, once I get back from seeing it myself. I really can't wait.
    P.S. HUGS Mairead!!!
    Glenn, A.K.A. The Rotten Rebel

  2. 3-20-09
    Well, I waited long enough. I wanted to say, to Lisa, and to everyone on those in this wonderful band. These two words,
    (Thank You) will never be enough.
    I had the experience of a lifetime at Wilkes Barre. Not just the concert its self. I mean from the time I lifted off from Los Angeles LAX, to the sad lonely flight back home. During those four magic days, I aquired a new family. All those Mairead Forum members, I was so honored to meet for this concert and Meet & Greet have become as family to me. This show, everything leading up to it, and after, was just simply put, magic. Lisa, you sang so beautifully. At one point, you saw me in the second row singing along. I waved at you, you smiled & winked. I just had to blow a kiss. (Blushing). Thank you.
    That which you shared with the audiance that night, was a bit of the magic I am writing about.
    You, and all those that you work with, have something so special. Music with a heart, a sole, with such spirit and meaning.
    Music and lyrics, from the heart.
    It seemed that at one point during the M&G, bothe Mairead & Dear Chloe were almost brough to tears of joy, from all the love we poured out to them that special magic night.
    I wish we could do that for all of you, every single show that you perform at. All of you deserve it, for what you give us. In closing, thank you Lisa, and everyone, so much for being a part of something that special night that I don't think I will ever forget. See yuh at The Greek Theatre in Los Angeles at the end of April!
    Sincerely & respectfully yours,
    Glenn, A.K.A. The Rotten Rebel