Saturday, February 13, 2010

A new start in Roanoke

Hello everyone!

Well, the tour is off and running after three great shows in Roanoke! Trust me when I tell you that you will love this new David Downes creation. The set is lovely, the song set marvelous, and the artists all in top form. That includes new addition solo bagpiper, Anthony Byrne.

We had sixteen Máiréad forum folks for what was billed as MáiréadFest II, though our friend could not be there for the meet & greet. Main reason for that was a very special event in the wedding of Scott and Cindy earlier that day. You can find a bit of that on TV and WDBJ channel 7 who covered the proceedings and did an interview. Our thanks to them for being there and responding to the press release. So, Scott being a Chloe fan, and Cindy being a Lisa fan, it only made sense those were the two at the meet & greet that night.

For the event our new administrator, Mike Brown, had wonderful things to spread about. Brand new fiddler crossing signs cut to shape and on durable material were created. Those were handed out to members and also make great promotional tools since they have Máiréad's official site information and forum information on the back of them. Mike also brought a treat for the artists in the form of the now known to be popular Cadbury flakes. You should have seen the frenzy when Lisa, Chloe, and even Rachel saw the box of them. It really was a cute moment. Another special moment were the interactions both ways between Scott and Cindy and Chloe and Lisa. The newlyweds even received a card signed by the five ladies and with a special note by each. Very nice touch.

MáiréadFest was a three day event and we had great seats at the shows each night. Perfect for those wonderful interactions from the stage and back. Máiréad was her usual fiesty self and vigorous in all three shows. She was delightful with all of us and we can't thank her enough. You'll be happy to know that Granuaile's Dance has been retained for the touring show! That is in addition to that fantastic piece, Coast Of Galicia. Both are in the first act. In the second act she has chosen her amazing rendition of Last Rose of Summer to start her slow/fast air combination. She even gets to take a bow for it at last! The fast air is as the DVD shows it to be and that is The Mason's Apron. Máiréad as always plays an important role in other pieces during the show and we know you'll love her contributions.

Please check the tour schedule and attend a show if you can. This is a wonderful new creation that is well worth seeing in person. Not to mention you'll be supporting your favorite Celtic violinist. Have a great tour in 2010 and all the best to you Máiréad and to you her supporters from all of us in the Máiréad forum leadership team.

Máiréad Nesbitt fan forum leadership team and members

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