Saturday, May 29, 2010

Another wonderful tour!

Hello everyone!!

Well, another wonderful tour has ended for Máiréad and her friends. it began in mid-February with three shows in Roanoke and the premier of Songs From The Heart. It ended last weekend in Salt Lake City. She now takes a hard earned and much deserved break until they return in mid-July with an opening in Canada. That tour will take them into mid-September and the finale at their favorite venue, Red Rocks, outside Denver. They then have another break until October and their first tour in Australia.

Máiréad has a prominent role in this new show with carry-over solos from the previous show of Coast of Galicia, and Granuaile's Dance. She has a new slow/fast combo of her incomparable Last Rose Fantasia and The Mason's Apron. Along the way she joins in the ensemble pieces like Nil Se'n La, Non C'e Piu, You Raise Me Up, and others.

Máiréad on this tour also experienced many high lights such as performing at Radio city with the PS 22 choir, receiving the Irish Music Award in St. Louis as best fiddler for 2009, and a surprise birthday serenade in St. Petersburg. She posted a blog on the tour and was the only one to do so. In it she thanked her forum for the donations on her behalf to Oxfam Ireland Unwrapped and also thanked her fans for the IMA award. She has always been most kind and supportive and is a class act in every way.

So now we wish her a wonderful and restful break, safe travels for the summer tour, and continued inspiration in music and all of life. Thank you, Máiréad, for the sacrifices you make to share your marvelous gifts with all of us. Thanks also to the membership of the Máiréad Nesbitt fan forum for the consistent support of that place and this truly amazing artist and person. Until next time, all the best!

Máiréad Nesbitt fan forum leadership team

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