Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Baltimore St Patricks Day

After RCMH the guys returned on Sunday. Some of us decided to go see Riverdance. I've never seen it except on TV neither has Scott aka MP. Even as a life long resident I'd never been to The Hippodrone so this was my first time. It's very pretty like RCMH and a smaller venue too. Dwight was having misgivings about not going to the 2 CW shows with us after that night. Later others would too.

Night one

We were dead center third row and that's really close at this venue. Joining us was Susan Z and her mom. We met her one year ago at the show across the street at First Mariner Arena. Somehow we knew this would be a special show. The stage was smaller and we were really close. But, it was even more special than we thought. The Girls gave us some incredible looks! The events of MaireadFest and Evansville had touch us all and the ladies too!! Helen looked at me at one point and mouthed THANK YOU!! This happened several times from Lisa and Lynn too! The show was wonderful as always. No two are the same. So much for those who think CW cans the show. Let me tell you this is not true!!!

The Meet and Greet

We were led back stage using a long route. Interesting we got to the room and there were five chairs. How could this be? The letter said 2 CW ladies not 5. They switched things up and I was going to get to talk to lisa. I needed to do this so much since when I met her and her boys 2 years ago I was so in shock I never introduced myself to her! I've felt bad about it... so Ok its my turn and I talked to Lynn then Mairead and Chloe. Someone was with Alex so I went streight to Lisa!! To my surprise she said HI Dave!! She not only remembered me and where we met but she knew my name!! How does she do that?!!!! This made my night and tomorrow would be even more special!!!


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  1. Baltimore was a fantastic two nights! The Hippodrome is a lovely venue, and while the stage is a bit small, Mairead made use of every inch. What a perfect way to spend Paddy's day. Great bonus of five girl meet & greets both nights which was a surprise! Thanks again, Mairead, for your kind attention from the stage and after wards.