Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Radio City CW in New York

After Mairead Fest many forum members made the trek to New York. Yours truly short on cash stayed home. They all had a great time in New York and brought back something special for me! A autographed photo that Jim printed from the Christmas show of Lisa,Helen and Amy awwww!!! Lisa and Helen signed it for me but it still needs one more. hint hint!!!!! Here is some of Scott's review:


OK, so I never had a burning desire to go to New York City, but RCMH+CW+5 girl meet & greet+reasonable price= I'm going! Not just for one night but two!

Night one

We arrived the day of the show by bus from Baltimore. It didn't start out well as there was a major accident that blocked one of the harbor tunnels so we missed the bus. We caught the next one and made it in at about 1:30 and then caught a cab to our hotel. Four of us, Scott-N3sjh, Dwight, Walter, and I met JimM and Sara-07NWgrad. After depositing stuff in the rooms we head over to Applebee's for lunch/dinner. Sara isn't feeling well and goes back to the room to get a nap. Upon my arrival back in the room she seems to be feeling better. Good since this is a special show. Off to the show about 7:15 to the venue about 2 blocks away.

RCMH is all it is billed to be. Large, ornate, great acoustics and comfortable. We take our seats in pit AAA which are about two feet from the stage at stage left. I chat with folks around me and promote CW and Mairead along with a few words abnout Liv.

The show begins with that dream vision and haunting strains we have all come to know and love. The stage is very large and so Mairead will get a workout tonight! I'll not go into song details much as we know them pretty well by now. Some highlights though.

All the artists obviously love this place and were just beaming. They had great fun and had great energy. No snags on any songs save one little almost indetectable stumble by Lynn. David is still at the piano. That always makes it special. The ladies had an early day what with the Today Show appearance so must have been tired by the end of the night. Sure didn't show on stage. I would have great interaction with all of the artists tonight but obviously the most from Mairead. Oh my. Des and the others were getting a kick out of it too! It really was fun to have that with each of them and that makes for a very special experience.

Lisa. Well, I had not really had much chance to interact with you since Red Rocks in '07 the second night. Lisa just nailed it tonight and most of all on her signature piece, The Voice. You ARE the voice Lisa.

Lynn. You just continue to captivate me with Dulaman, Carolina Rua, and that red dress. A few little looks and wow.

Chloe. You just shine every night, but even more so in a venue so special like this one. You were having fun as you always seem to do, and are a lovely spokes person in saying thank you to New York and introducing Oh America. That song just always brings tears and a standing ovation and thank you from me and other forum members.

Alex. That blue just suits you. I find myself more and more enamored with True Colors each time. Gotta love Nick on the Conga drum too.

Mairead. Oh you have no idea how wonderful it feels to have such attention from the one who inspired so much in me. That was so much fun. Your artist friends up there seemed to be getting a kick out of it too! You nailed every air tonight. We both got a little teary eyed on You Raise Me Up. Yes I was singing it to you.

The meet & greet was about 50+ people and as billed had all five girls. PBS took candid shots and will send copies via email. I met a few folks in line, made some Liv connections, and passed out some Mairead forum buttons including to a mom with a daughter named Mairead. I gave Rachel another bundle of things to have signed. She gave me back the ones from WB prior to the show. Thank you so much Rachel. That's the last of them for forum members. All the girls were in their photo dresses which are just lovely. I finally met Lisa and was able to thank her for starting me on the journey. A kiss on Mairead's hand and lovely comments from Chloe about WB were other highlights. Off to the bar and this review and then night two tomorrow.

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  1. Radio City was an amazing venue for an amazing ensemble. Mairead had a huge stage to fly around on and the audiences were very receptive. Meeting all five ladies after wards both nights was a real treat as well. Thanks so much Mairead for the continued attention from the stage.